Episode 68: Let’s Put On an Opera!

So back when we were having the IndieGoGo campaign, one of the perks was that we would serenade you, or your wife, or your dog, or your whatever, during the podcast. We did three of them last week, but we had so many that it would take forever to just sprinkle in a few here and there. So, instead, we’re doing ALL of them in one big musical show! Did someone say Tony?! I think someone did!*


*Not in reference to this.


Top Ten Best Sports / Watching the World Cup

Dan and Rob discuss sports while watching the World Cup game between Mexico and Croatia.


Top Ten Things that Scare Us

It’s not all ghosts and goblins. OR IS IT????


The Top Ten Spaceships

We each made a list of five, and we found that there were so many awesome spaceships out there that we didn’t overlap at all. We did overlap franchises (we both had stuff from Star Wars and we both had stuff from Star Trek), but we also had a lot of weird stuff. And we didn’t have Serenity, and we go into a long explanation of why. But Browncoats: solidarity.


Corrections and Apologies

We’re 63 episodes into this podcast, and as you can imagine, we’ve made our share of mistakes. In this episode, we’d like to correct them the best we can, and apologize for our stupidity, oafishness, ignorance, fatuity, ineptitude, stolidity, asininity, and our overuse of the thesaurus.


Only a Month Late! Dan and Rob’s Resolutions

So, we recorded this when people were still talking about New Years Resolutions, but Rob was supposed to post this and he has the brain of a duck. Dan was supposed to muscle Rob into doing it, but Dan was busy living in Germany and eating Turkish food.

Anyway, here’s the show! It even stays close to being an hour long!

There’s no intro and outro music because I’m lazy!