Ep 59: A Superhero Bracket, and Rob Falls Asleep During the Show

All I can say is that I’m extra glad I have an intern, or I would have face-planted into my pumpkin pie much earlier than I did. (As it was, it was just my shoulder that hit the pie.)

We take a Sweet 16 of superheros and pit them all against the same scenario, and see how they fare. Fair? I don’t know know which.

And we introduce my talented and lovely intern Kelsy.

And then I fall asleep, and Kelsy and Dan have a pleasant conversation.


6 Responses to “Ep 59: A Superhero Bracket, and Rob Falls Asleep During the Show”

  1. bruce says:

    I hope wrong was finally able to get some sleep. Loved this episode. By the way Rob, I think it was Bill Cosby who said, “We aren’t laughing at you, we are laughing with you.”
    I would also like to point out this episode proved my point that Purple Haze needed to be on your best of the 60’s music episode. The use of the song following Dan’s don’t use drugs comment shows that Rob’s subconscious associates the song naturally with drugs.

  2. Klimpaloon says:

    I was totally laughing at you, Rob.
    I was kind of hoping that there’d be a different situation for each level of the bracket, but the exploding babies was a lot of fun. I love this podcast.

  3. WEKM says:

    Why the heck is there NOT a Robison Wells´╗┐ reality show yet?
    Snot On My Keyboard award, drug induced stupor edition!

  4. aman says:

    I love you guys so much. I eagerly await your next episode. I wish you the best.

  5. aman says:

    And by I love you, I mean your awesome.

  6. Aaron Allred says:

    I am surprised that http://meshbagwith45babies.com/ is still not registered after having listened to this podcast.

    Congrats Phoenix and Iron man on your new baby boy(?)!


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