TIME’s Top Hundred People Who Have Never Lived

Taken from the pages of TIME magazine, this list is long and we don’t even get halfway through it. It’s not even a countdown list where we can argue over who is better than who. But! We do that anyway. I mean, we’re not machines.


8 Responses to “TIME’s Top Hundred People Who Have Never Lived”

  1. Bruce says:

    Fun possible fact. I was listening to a podcast where some scholar of Middle-East literature was talking about 1001 Arabian Nights. According to the expert, Aladdin and I believe Ali Baba were actually created and added to the stories by European compilers. Apparently, the additions was an attempt to pander to European tastes for the exotic at the time or something.

  2. Ivanthecow says:

    I’m 30 minutes into the cast and I’m surprised that you don’t think Travis Bickle was influential for his influence of John Hinckley Jr.

  3. Kyle says:

    I think there is some merit in Tarzan as an archetype. He’s the “wild man” the Western world wanted to tame. At least I think so, as I haven’t read the book.

  4. Ben says:

    First time commenter. Love the cast….

    Can’t believe how badly you guys misrepresent ‘atlas shrugged’. Not that you have to agree with rand, but I think you’re over-simplifying her philosophy. I do agree about the tea party using ‘who is john galt?’ though.

    Also, I think on the characters that didn’t get the thumbs up…

    you too often looked for cultural impact, or literary impact, but I think there is some merit to the effect on individuals, which I think is normally what Time looks for in picking actual influential people.

  5. Eric W. says:

    Tarzan has amazing influence. From the concept of the survival of the castaway. To the alien barbarism of the “modern world”. Heck, Planet of the Apes was basically a stolen and reskinned Tarzan plot.

  6. somelamename says:

    Based on the comments from this week plus Samantha and myself you have at least 7 listeners. I thought I was special.

  7. broomaker says:

    I listened to it too! Whoa, it’s really quite in here. Hello… Hello? Hm, I guess I’m all by my self on the internet. Buly Baly Buly Baly Baaaaaaaaaah! … This is very liberating. Wow, I really am the only one in here. It was a great podcast. I always have listened to the podcasts, and audible won’t let me sign up for a free trial because I already have audible. Like that’s an excuse! Oh well. Best wishes to Rob and Dan, and everyone who reads this.


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