The One in Which Rob Forgets Psych

This week we decided that we’ve done plenty of podcasts about past TV shows, so we wanted to be hip with the crazy fresh kids. This is the show you don’t want to miss, because nobody does it quite like the way we do it.

And Rob forgets Psych.


5 Responses to “The One in Which Rob Forgets Psych”

  1. Dan Wells says:

    I remembered Psych, but this was supposed to be a list of shows I recommend without caveat, and as much as I love it Psych comes with a lot of caveats. The police work and mystery-solving and ham-fisted clue-emphasizing on that show are HORRIBLE.

    • admin says:

      They’re horrible, but it’s funny enough that I don’t care. If people can put up with terrible cop shows with no redeeming value (like SVU or NCIS or–heaven help me–Castle, then they ought to overlook the bad police work and enjoy the funny.)

  2. Kevin F says:

    Wow! I was shocked, but pleased, to see y’all back!


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