Corrections and Apologies

We’re 63 episodes into this podcast, and as you can imagine, we’ve made our share of mistakes. In this episode, we’d like to correct them the best we can, and apologize for our stupidity, oafishness, ignorance, fatuity, ineptitude, stolidity, asininity, and our overuse of the thesaurus.


7 Responses to “Corrections and Apologies”

  1. Klimpaloon says:

    I was worried when I read the title: I thought that you two had a moment of temporary sanity and decided that you were horrible people for making this podcast and needed to apologize for it. I was happily proved wrong about that. Funniest episode in months (discounting the sealed episodes we’re not ready for).

  2. Little Miss Mothra says:

    Can never tell with you guys what’s a joke, and what’s not (where’s the Y in Yogi!?!) but Trampolining has been official since 2000.

  3. Katie says:

    This may be my favorite episode yet. Also, it’s great to see you’re back to podcasting again.

  4. Mom says:

    I’d like to formally apologize for listening to this podcast.

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