The Top Ten Spaceships

We each made a list of five, and we found that there were so many awesome spaceships out there that we didn’t overlap at all. We did overlap franchises (we both had stuff from Star Wars and we both had stuff from Star Trek), but we also had a lot of weird stuff. And we didn’t have Serenity, and we go into a long explanation of why. But Browncoats: solidarity.


4 Responses to “The Top Ten Spaceships”

  1. Frank says:

    So…is there a “Best Special Effects” episode in our future?

  2. I think the original Galactica is probably the coolest ship (in a physical, model sense). I just love the design of it.

  3. Zoe says:

    The TARDIS is the coolest spaceship in my opinion

  4. Zarya says:

    What I find so inrtiesetng is you could never find this anywhere else.


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