Top Ten Things that Scare Us

It’s not all ghosts and goblins. OR IS IT????


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  1. Klimpaloon says:

    Agree with you both about the needles–metal should not allowed to go through human skin.
    I am also absolutely terrified of unintentionally saying or doing something that will make people think I’m an idiot. The unintentional part is key: acting like an idiot just because it’s fun is, well, fun. When I lose my self-awareness enough that it is no longer “acting an idiot” but rather “being an idiot,” and then I realize what I have just done… I can’t stand it. Which is why I self-censor as much as possible.

  2. Ah, a deep episode. You got me a little verklempt. Well done.

    Gerard Manley Hopkins is my favorite poet in all the world, by the way.

    But CLOWNS, you guys. COME ON.

    Also dolls.

    And spiders are very, very bad.

    If I saw a clown doll that had a spider crawling on its face? I’d probably go into a coma from the shock. In the Hobbit movie, during the spider scene, I literally had to hold my throat with my hands so I wouldn’t gag. I had my eyes shut, but the SOUNDS they made were horrific.

    Here’s how you get over needles: have six kids. I used to have a terrible phobia of needles and I’d faint if I ever had to get a shot or have blood drawn. Six pregnancies/deliveries later, needles don’t really faze me. In some cases, desensitization really works.

  3. Peggy :) says:

    I could totally relate to the needle thing – I used to be TERRIFIED of needles. Then when I was 28, my body decided it was time for me to have Type 1 diabetes and like Rob, I had to choose between being sick … or learn to deal with needles. (If you’d told me beforehand I’d get over my fear of needles, I NEVER would have believed you! *lol*)

    No fear of either oblivion or eternity. But I’m with Rob – whether or not I’d want to live forever would depend a lot on the situation. I think I could totally live forever, if I could be 100% healthy forever, too. :)

    What am I afraid of? Hmmmm.
    My husband dying young (instead of living a long life together with me).
    My daughter having big, serious failures in her life (i.e. failed the parenting job of properly preparing her for life).
    Health problems permanently incapacitating my body and/or my ability to think.
    Unstable heights.
    Horror/slasher movies/stories (they give me nightmares for weeks).

    Ummmm. I’m really stretching to get those last two. Honestly, I used to be a total scaredy cat. But once I had a baby – well, you can’t be scared of the dark when you have a baby. Or of horror movie monsters grabbing you if you go alone into the basement. Etc. *lol*

    Oh, how about this … I’m scared my parents will die horrible, lonely deaths (like your grandpa), rather than peaceful ones. (My grandma had Alzheimers, too – it was heartbreaking because she could never remember that she’d had company and thought no one ever came to visit. We took pictures and left notes – but then she didn’t always understand who they’d come from. SO sad!)

    Darn, that is a sad note to end on. I totally need to say something like I’m afraid of mangoes or something so that this ends with a smile. Yes, that’s it, I have a deep-seeded fear of tropical fruit! 😉


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