The Twenty Most Valuable Brands

You’d think that an episode about the valuation of brands, talked about by an MBA, and reading the explanation from the list in question would at least be accurate. Unless you’ve listened to our show before.


4 Responses to “The Twenty Most Valuable Brands”

  1. Tomas says:

    How about a T-Rex song for the Palaenthology Consultant?

  2. quebert says:

    There were a lot of statements in there that could use qualification besides the lack of understanding of what the value of a brand means.

    Not the strongest episode. Bears was far better.

  3. broomaker says:

    I use SAP every day. I am an engineer. It is a software company that is used to access databases, and probably has many other applications. Yeah, its as boring as it sounds but lots of people use it.


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