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Episode 34: The Ten Best Simpsons Side Characters

We’re not working from a list today, other than the list that exists in our OWN BRAINS. Dan made a list of ten and Rob made a list of ten and they seemed to agree on everything until the very end when it all went to heck.


Episode 18: STAR TREKAVAGANZA: Best Movies, Best Shows, Best Crews

Why tackle just one topic when we can tackle three or even four?


First, we take on the best and worst of the Star Trek movies. It’s a lot easier to pick the terrible ones than the good ones. Dan and Rob agree on the bottom five or six, but their top fours are completely different.

Next, we hit Best Shows, which should be easy, because there’s only five. Still we manage to disagree. Anyone who’s ever read Dan’s blog, or listened to Writing Excuses, or sat near him at dinner, can guess Dan’s favorite.

Third, we pick the ideal crew, drawing on all five shows: Best Captain, First Officer, Doctor, Helm, Science Officer, Engineer, Security, and Bartender.

Finally, and best of all, we fill all eight of those roles drawing on ANY fictional character, Star Trek or not. Or new crew is pretty dang fantastic.