Only a Month Late! Dan and Rob’s Resolutions

So, we recorded this when people were still talking about New Years Resolutions, but Rob was supposed to post this and he has the brain of a duck. Dan was supposed to muscle Rob into doing it, but Dan was busy living in Germany and eating Turkish food.

Anyway, here’s the show! It even stays close to being an hour long!

There’s no intro and outro music because I’m lazy!


The One in Which Rob Forgets Psych

This week we decided that we’ve done plenty of podcasts about past TV shows, so we wanted to be hip with the crazy fresh kids. This is the show you don’t want to miss, because nobody does it quite like the way we do it.

And Rob forgets Psych.


TIME’s Top Hundred People Who Have Never Lived

Taken from the pages of TIME magazine, this list is long and we don’t even get halfway through it. It’s not even a countdown list where we can argue over who is better than who. But! We do that anyway. I mean, we’re not machines.


Ep 59: A Superhero Bracket, and Rob Falls Asleep During the Show

All I can say is that I’m extra glad I have an intern, or I would have face-planted into my pumpkin pie much earlier than I did. (As it was, it was just my shoulder that hit the pie.)

We take a Sweet 16 of superheros and pit them all against the same scenario, and see how they fare. Fair? I don’t know know which.

And we introduce my talented and lovely intern Kelsy.

And then I fall asleep, and Kelsy and Dan have a pleasant conversation.


The Ten Best John Williams Scores: featuring Samantha Lyon

So, you know how we always talk about Samantha Lyon as though she was a real person? It turns out she is! And she’s Skyping with us today, and we’re even using a topic she chose. Pretty cool, eh?

This being a guy who has done this for about thirty movies, but only about 15 good movies, we figured there would be a lot of crossover. And there was. But how much? Look inside yourself and see.


Episode 57: The Top Ten Worst Holidays

Holidays are not all sitting on the cemetery wall, clapping at the cars as they go by. No, some of the time they’re more festive, and people are less likely to get out of their cars and yell at you and tell you what terrible children you are. Holidays! Am I right, folks!?

In this list there was not a lot of crossover, but I was surprised at what crossover there actually was.

Any way, throw another yule log on the fire, make smores, Set fire to witches. And kick back in your nicest easy chair for some holiday bickering–the reason for the season.